On the southeastern shore of Chebeague Island, adjacent to Coleman’s Cove. It is accessible from South Road. Parking is permitted at Coleman’s Cove.

Date Protected

March 2008


Privately owned (CCLT easement)


13 Acres

Public Access

Public access is permitted via a path from Coleman’s Cove to the beach for swimming and recreation, berry picking, and traditional uses by local commercial fisherman. No mechanized vehicle access is permitted.

Conservation Purposes

This scenic open property protects a historic farmstead, field and meadows, and public access to the shorefront at Coleman Cove.  

Description & History

In 2008, the Dayton family granted a conservation easement to CCLT on 13 acres of this old Chebeague farm known as Higgins Farm. The Higgins family had owned and farmed this land for nearly a century. At one time it may have been the largest working farm on the islands of Casco Bay, sending its produce to Portland, Boston, and beyond.

The Dayton family granted this easement to preserve the natural and scenic beauty of the site as well as the land's value for agriculture, animal husbandry, and wildlife. The beach is open to the public for swimming and recreational beach use, for commercial fishing, and for berry picking. The protected property also includes a farmstead area of 2.5 acres and a field that are not open to the public. The area outside the farmstead in the field below the house and its farm buildings may be used for agriculture and animal husbandry by the grantors according to the conditions of the easement.