There are few legacies greater than preserving a precious parcel of land in perpetuity. As the value of land increases, good land gets harder to find, development pressures increase, and taxes rise, families often search for ways to ensure that their irreplaceable land and its natural resources will be available for future generations.

CCLT identifies strategic conservation goals for our communities and will sometimes approach landowners to initiate a conversation, but most of our projects begin when an interested landowner contacts us. Luckily, there is a variety of options available for landowners interested in protecting their property, including conservation easements (where the land remains privately-owned with certain future uses restricted), donating land, and selling land to the Land Trust. Some of these options offer financial advantages by reducing estate, income, and property taxes. CCLT would be delighted to discuss available conservation options with any interested landowner in the towns of Chebeague and Cumberland. Please contact us at for more information.