The preserve can be reached via the private road Arcadian Way, off Range Road in Cumberland. There is no designated parking on Arcadian Way. The preserve property begins where Arcadian Way forks.

Date Protected

August 2001


Chebeague & Cumberland Land Trust


12 Acres

Public Access

There are currently no maintained walking trails, but a seasonally passable snowmobile trail bisects the property from the southern boundary to the northeastern corner.

Conservation Purposes

Combined with two nearby large wooded areas in the towns of Cumberland (Rines Forest) and Falmouth (Hadlock Forest), this forested property protects a block of undeveloped open space for wildlife habitat and human enjoyment.

Description & History

The Carley-Grant property is completely forested with indications of timber harvesting many years ago. The forest type ranges from typical softwoods of white pine, eastern hemlock, spruce, and balsam fir to hardwood areas on the northwest portions of mixed maple, beech, ash, and birch.  There are roughly three acres of wetlands marked by hummock pools with sphagnum moss, black spruce, and stands of red maple.  

The topography of the parcel is relatively flat and rolling. There is a magnificent old stone wall along the rear of the property that serves as the town boundary with Falmouth The property was given to the Trust as a gift of the Carley-Grant family in 2001.