The property is located on the north side of Range Road immediately after the intersection with Winn Road.

Date Protected

December 2001 and January 2018


Privately owned (CCLT easement)


33 Acres

Public Access

The easement does not allow for public access but ensures that the property will be available for educational and scientific study with the permission of the family.

Conservation Purposes

The protection of open space, habitat, and water resources in the town of Cumberland.

Description & History

In December 2001, the Berkovich family donated a conservation easement on 22 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to their house, reserving the right to construct one single family residence on the back portion of the property.  This forested parcel consists primarily of mixed hardwoods and softwoods and borders a large field area to the north.  The terrain is notably uneven, with several steeply sided hills that are remnants of past courses of Mill Brook which winds its way through the property from the Rines Forest. The parcel is subject to a forest management plan, with selective cutting occurring at intervals over the years.  In January 2018, the family granted an easement on 11 additional acres, bringing the total conserved area to 33 acres.