Adjacent to town-owned property at Chandler’s Cove, Chebeague Island. Park on the town-owned land adjacent to the Belvin Property and walk along the beach to the entrance path.

Date Protected

January 2004


Privately owned (CCLT easement)


8.5 Acres

Public Access

Public access to the cemetery is allowed via the path from the beach.

Conservation Purposes

This property preserves and enhances recreational use of the beach at Chandler’s Cove and significantly increases the amount of protected beachfront accessible to the public. The property also protects a historic island cemetery.

Description & History

This unique property contains an ancient burial ground known as the "Indian Cemetery," although there is no evidence that Native Americans were buried here.  The interments are thought to date back to the early 18th to 19th centuries and are likely to contain European settlers who lived on Chebeague and neighboring Long and Cliff Islands.  This spot may have been favored because of the depth of soil and easy access by water, particularly at high tide.  There are 45 standing headstones, and as is typical of early Maine cemeteries there are no inscriptions. Many of the stones, which originated from local beaches and ledge outcroppings, are deteriorated and others have fallen over, so the exact number of burials is unknown. The markers are oriented to face east and west into the rising and setting sun.

A United States flag is maintained in memory of David Upton who is buried here in an unknown location. Upton was a Minuteman and soldier in the American Revolution, a patriot veteran of the Battle of Bunker Hill and a respected citizen of Chebeague following his arrival after American Independence. When he died in 1845 the Upton family buried him here.  Many years later, in 1933, the United States Government sent a commemorative marker in his honor which was placed in the Methodist Church Cemetery at a special Memorial Day ceremony. An active effort is currently underway to identify other persons buried here, and to verify the many local legends about this special place.