The property is located in Cumberland Foreside on the east side of Route 88 near the intersection with Tuttle Road.  A parking lot is located on the right side of Beach Drive just beyond the entrance.

Date Protected

December 1997


Spears Hill Road Homeowners and Town of Cumberland (CCLT easement)


104 Acres

Public Access

There is public access to 23-acre Broad Cove Reserve and the Stonewall Trail during daylight hours for walking, boating, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and educational activities. 

Conservation Purposes

Limiting development, protecting scenic views, protecting natural and historic resources, and public access to the shore.

Description & History

This conservation easement was the result of years of consideration and discussion between the land trust and members of the Payson family.  This prominent parcel, bounded by Casco Bay on the east and Route 88 on the west and characterized by fields, forests, and shorefront, was notable for its scenic and habitat values.  It also was ripe for several dozen prime building lots. This easement limited the development potential to just 10 residences and established a trail for public use. The 0.6 mile “Stonewall Trail” that runs parallel to Route 88 is popular with Cumberland Foreside residents.

The Payson property remained largely undisturbed and intact until 2014 when it was sold to 179 Foreside, LLC for development.  Subsequently, the developer offered a portion of the property to the Town of Cumberland for use as a public park.  In November 2014, Cumberland residents approved a referendum allowing the Town to acquire 12 acres along the shorefront including the beach and pier and an additional nine acres along Route 88 along with a gravel road linking the two parcels.  The town has since welcomed public access to the beach, improved the access road and bath house for use by beach goers, and added a parking lot to accommodate visitors.  Renamed Broad Cove Reserve, this town-owned portion of the property represents the best waterfront access opportunity within the town of Cumberland.  The remainder of the parcel is being developed into a series of private house lots in accordance with the restrictions of the conservation easement. For more information, see the town of Cumberland’s Broad Cove Reserve website.